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You’re invited to Petly – our online, personalized pet health pages just for you and your pet! From one convenient place, you can request appointments online, see your pet’s medical history, order prescriptions, and much more. You’ll also learn a ton of new information about keeping your pet healthy, along with some fun tips and tricks.

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Why digital radiography?

Digital radiographs, also known as X-rays, are enhanced pictures of the inside of the body. By utilizing the current technology available, we can see detail inside the body like never before. This leads to better diagnosis and treatments. Plus, digital images are instant. There are no films to develop, and with the high-speed resolution, we need less energy to make a great picture. Less radiation is safer for all involved.

Why ultrasound?

There are things inside the body that hide deep inside organs. To accurately see these soft-tissue abnormalities, we need something that works totally differently than radiographs. Ultrasound is that tool. This technology allows us to see changes to the tissue, fluid that has accumulated, and 3D images that are only 2D on radiographic views.

Why in-house diagnostics?

Same-day, often same-hour laboratory feedback can mean the difference between life and death. Using our in-house lab gives us the information we need to start treatment immediately. We have extensive in-house testing capabilities from blood sugar to thyroid levels to parvovirus testing. We offer pre-surgical blood screens that help us avoid anesthesia-related issues during surgery and to ascertain risk factors unique to your pet.

Why vaccinations?

Vaccinations are meant to prevent diseases in our human and fur family members and are powerful weapons in stopping the local and global spread of plagues. However, every human and animal should not automatically receive every available vaccination. Lifestyle, age, breed, and species should determine the most appropriate vaccination protocol. That’s where we can help. By vaccinating your pet based on real risk factors, we can effectively prevent many deadly infections such as parvoviral enteritis or rabies while not over-vaccinating nor exacerbating current conditions. We at Cumberland Valley Animal Hospital will help guide you through proper individualized protocols for each of your pets.

Surgery at Cumberland Valley is very serious.

We use state-of-the-art anesthesia and pain preventative protocols to help your animal recover safely and comfortably. From a routine spay or neuter to a complex fracture repair, we want to ensure the best possible outcome for your pet. While every surgery poses risk, our supportive diagnostic tools aid in risk avoidance and help us provide the best surgical experience.


When your animal is sick, nutrition is a critical aspect of your pet’s overall recovery and stabilization. We carry a variety of diets to meet the many needs of our clients’ pets. Science has proved that proper nutrition can account for up to 50% of an animal’s therapy success. Let’s get your pet on the right nutritional course.


One size Does NOT fit all, especially when it comes to controlling internal and external parasites such as heartworms, fleas and ticks. In our modern era, we are fortunate to have a multitude of health-effective and cost-effective options. We want to know your pet. We want to know how he or she lives. We want to know the environment and the problems you are seeing and experiencing. Using this powerful information, we can make good recommendations on products that will work best for you and your pet.

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