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"But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee..." 

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Hospital Staff


CVAH Personal Biographies

Dr. Keaton Smith is a graduate of the University Of Kentucky College Of Agriculture with a doctorate from the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine.

After graduating he took a job in Greenwood, Arkansas at South County Animal Hospital. There he practiced in a mixed animal setting for three years before he and his wife Susan purchased Cumberland Valley Animal Hospital in 2000.

Dr. Smith has deep-seated roots in bluegrass music and loves to play around on his banjo and guitar. He is an active Scout Master in Laurel County for Troop 828 and enjoyed witnessing his son Alyn achieve the honored rank of Eagle Scout. His son, Ken, is still a member of Troop 828 and his daughters Mary and Faith-Lynn have many activities of their own. The Smiths are involved members of Liberty Missionary Baptist Church.

Susan F. Smith is a receptionist and office manager for CVAH. A graduate of Auburn University College of Education, she is a Bachelor of Music Education and Secondary English Education and a Master of Secondary English Education with Music using her degrees in public school, private school and church settings. She and Dr. Smith were members of the True Believers bluegrass gospel group where she sang and played the upright bass. Over the years, Su has enjoyed fish, turtles, finches, parakeets, love birds, cockatiels, mice, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, guinea pigs, cats and dogs as members of her household.

LaKeisha Snyder. has worked for Cumberland Valley Animal Hospital since she attended middle school. She now studies at Laurel County High School where she receives the highest markings and straight 4.0 GPA. She loves animals and her goal is to become a world-class veterinary surgeon. Currently, she is our part-time kennel helper and she enjoys making our kennels clean and comfortable for the doctors to sleep when they are in trouble.

Lori Harp started her career in animal care and veterinary medicine in 1982. She worked at the Columbus Zoo as a public relations liaison and a zookeeper while attending Ohio State University. In 1987 she married and moved to a farm in London, Kentucky where she and her husband had four wonderful daughters. The Harps raise peacocks, pheasants, ducks and llamas on their farm which they share with five dogs, five cats, a macaw, two cockatiels, a chinchilla, and a hedgehog. Lori started working for Dr. Mercer back in 1992 and we are glad she stayed at Cumberland Valley Animal Hospital. Lori is a Certified Veterinary Assistant and is currently working on getting certification and licensing in veterinary technology.

Michael “Mike” E. Puckett is a multitasker! In his years at Cumberland Valley Animal Hospital he has had many responsibilities including taking care of the kennels and hospital and caring for patients. He also works as a technician helping the doctors with simple nail trims in the exam rooms all the way to assisting in pinning broken legs in surgery. He also works the front desk answering questions, making appointments and checking patients in and out of the hospital. “To say I have learned a lot would be an understatement and I hope to continue to learn and grow.”

Mandy Piper has always had a passion for animals, her favorite being cats. She loves being surrounded by pets and their owners on a daily basis. “Each day working at CVAH is like a new chapter in a book. No two days are the same.” Working as a receptionist gives Mandy the opportunity to connect with clients, listening to stories about how they acquired their pets and the milestones in each pet’s life. She thinks of clients and their pets as extended family. Mandy served in the United States Air Force and has a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management from John Brown University. She has been working in the veterinary field since 2007.


Theresa Morgan came to Cumberland Valley in July of 2016 after previously working as a Home Health caregiver. Theresa has always been an animal lover and with her soft heart for animals, she jumped at an opportunity to work on the front lines of animal care. Theresa lives with her husband Scott, and has a step-daughter, a grand-daughter and a beautiful niece that she loves too spoil. She spends much of her time caring for her 5 dogs. Sassy is her adopted stray. Sugar and CB, Jr are her 2 huskies. Jax is her Shih Tzu and Ranger is her newest adoption from working at Cumberland Valley. She also has Pretty-Boy, the cat who likes to tease the dogs on a regular basis.

"This is the only job I have ever had that I actually look forward to coming in to work."

Stacy Brock sq

Stacy Brock came to Cumberland Valley Animal Hospital in June 2017. Stacy has always been an animal lover and she loves working with people. She is an active member of Mt. Olivet Baptist Church where her husband Chris is the pastor. She has a son Tyler, a daughter Rebekah and a granddaughter, Emma Grace. She has a cat named Marbles, a basset hound/ Labrador mix named Titus and the newest member of the family is a rescue dog named Tobias that is a cockapoo. 

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