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Dr. Keaton Smith is a graduate of the University Of Kentucky College Of Agriculture with a doctorate...

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I chat about veterinary medicine and the life of a country animal doctor.

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Friday Poem: Brings Me Back

Friday Poem: Brings Me Back

A beautiful young lady at my church recently wrote a poem for her school project. I loved it! I thought it to be so awesome, I asked Chloe Lickliter if I could publish it on my blog. She said, "Yes." 

So everyone read this and send this awesome writer your love!

Brings Me Back

by Chloe Lickliter

I'm from bathtub Barbies to Mom's vanilla birthday cakes,
From three big sisters and ballerina-decorated rooms.
I'm from chocolate milk, sweet tea in a sippie cup, and church besties.

From bleach-blonde hair to looking like daddy.
I'm from beagles in the back yard and gravel driveways.
From cousin pool parties, VBS, Sunday School and Country Gold Saturday Night.

I'm from a picture-loving, caring Mother who creates delicious dinners.
I'm from Rebekah's karaoke singing, loving dancing,
Who inspires me.

I'm from the greatest pickle lover of all, Ashley and Chelsey's creative soul,
From Shelby's support and geek mind.
Daddy's like a light in my eye.

I'm from camping, lake days and green beans,
From Christmas dinner, waking up Mom and Dad and the candy from the stocking,
Matching snowman mugs to melting marshmallows.

I'm from cornbread and beans, roast, juicy pork chops and coleslaw.
From Grandma's hair dryer and old pictures.
I'm from passed down ice machine and a Big Christmas Tree.

In my playhouse, in a tight space, I can find my sister with friends, food,
And old shingles from the roof and the buzzing of bees.

Having family and living a fun life; peanut butter cookies, soft and delicious.
The smell of Mary's flowers in the Spring, soil on her hands.
All remind me of my joy, my laughter, my happiness,
My Family.

Chloe attends Corbin middle school and excels in everything she does. she wants to be a veterinarian when she graduates.

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